Advanced Video Assist

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SEAMLESS video systems enable the most demanding of productions to run fast and efficiently, cutting down decision-making time onset. Having fast playback, continuity through the media library, as well as quick and complex editorial and VFX tools, Video Assist has fast become crucial in the advent of an ever fluid filmset.

Technologies within the film industry continue to evolve, as such, our focus has shifted to become industry leaders in LIVE STREAMING services, allowing directors, producers and clients to remote view into set from anywhere in the world.

MDI video systems are designed around a modular equipment structure, incorporating industry standard Qtake software. From mobile packages to large multi camera studio shoots, we provide advanced video assist equipment that delivers fast playback, editing, key, overlay, compositing, cloud streaming for offsite clients, iOS devices, plus many more customised features.

Our offices are in Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland enabling continuity of service throughout Australasia.

Key Features

  • Cloud based streaming enabling REMOTE access for upto 100 users
  • Cloud server access, enabling access to media library & individual remote playback
  • Stream to iOS devices onset including laptops, phones and tablets
  • Full editorial tools for compositing, editing and colouring
  • Picture based continuity PDF reports of key takes and camera information for post production
  • Colour critical monitors for food/fashion shoots/calibrated monitors
  • Mobile battery powered rigs and equipment for remote location work
  • Long range video transmitters, wireless director monitors and more
  • Complete feature film & multi camera television commercial kits

All you need in one place.

Lightning Quick Playback - Qtake Systems
Post Production - Edit and VFX module
Multi Camera Record and Support
Creative Play
Information Pipeline
Stream to Multiple iOS Devices - Qtake Monitor
Cloud Streaming - Remote Access
Independent Project Review - Qtake Server

Instant playback, reverse, flip/flop & scale of image, advanced catalogue search and browsing. Onscreen data and masking including social media formats for user reference.

Edit multiple timelines – export xml to avid, FCP. Image wipes, mix, overlay, key, & resize of BG plates. Composite complex layers, alpha mattes, and sync previs animation to live action takes.

Record up to 4 cameras in one machine or genlock multiple machines for more. All camera formats supported including 4k support. Sync record & playback of clips together, personalise OSD of camera and operators.

Full HSL colour control to enhance camera image, plus LUT & cdl based workflows. Buy in the client early by using the intended DOP look onset.

No script supervisor? We export a pdf file with go takes and intelligent meta data for post production at the end of each job.

Turn your iPad into the lightest handheld monitor ever. Laptop/iPad/iPhone. Perfect for any department including director to makeup or LX board operator.

Stream to any client or director anywhere in the world – from anywhere in the world. Bring the shoot to your home or office workplace.

Upload the media library to the cloud and provide access for independent users such as remote editors or VFX artists who can’t make the shoot but are required for input. Fully secure and encrypted pathways with authorised access from Qtake operator.

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