Getting twisted with DoP Jason Hargraves

On this Netflix promo, we teamed up with Queensland DoP Jason Hargraves, providing DIT onset. Jason is a great guy to work with and so open to collaboration and experimentation, so we managed to come up with a variety of imagery on top of what was a bit of a blank canvas directive.

I have to admit I was more than impressed on one part of the shoot in the studio where he basically pointed the camera towards a bare white wall, and managed to come up with some really cool imagery utilising foreground elements such as water and glass. I love abstract imagery and this really reminded me of whats possible with moving image in a fine art kinda way.

It’s been back and forth to Queensland quite a bit in recent months which has been great reconnecting with all the crew as I lived here early on for about 2-3 years early in the 2000’s. Stay tuned!

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