Russel Crowe takes the director reins as well as starring in this Sydney based thriller

Set in the prime of Covid, the Mesh Digital Imaging team helped to steer this production through the tough times of navigating lock downs, covid testing and filming under distance protocols. MDI provided a 4 camera Qtake and iOS stream network that functioned both as a local and cloud based system. The film did eventually succumb to being locked down and our original operator had to be extracted back to New Zealand due to impending border lock downs! However our team were able to shuffle forces and eventually filming was completed. What a time.


Set in the world of high stakes poker, Crowe stars as tech billionaire and gambler Jake Foley who gives his best friends a night they’ll never forget, a chance to win more money than they’ve ever dreamed of. But to play, they’ll have to give up the one thing they spend their lives trying to keep… their secrets. As the game unfolds, the friends will discover what is really at stake.

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