Held captive in a mysterious basement, a man on the run must find a way to escape from a violent and demented family.

One of our key video ops, headed up to represent Mesh Queensland in this two camera action packed shoot, where we provided Qtake advanced video assist, playback and onset streaming to iOS devices.

Bloody Hell is directed by Alister Grierson who is well-known for his film Kokoda 2006. Written by Robert Benjamin, this is his first solo feature-length film after a series of shorts. Filming commenced in April 2019 taking place on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Bloody Hell will star Caroline Craig, Matthew Sunderland, Travis Jeffery, and Jack Finsterer, all seasoned performers. Meg Fraser and David Hill will also feature as members of a Finnish family and are newcomers to the full-length film realm.

The story portrays Rex as having decided to escape from his own personal hell by fleeing to Helsinki, where things take a downward turn and he must escape from a psychotic family. Most importantly, the movie has been cited as having plenty of intense action.

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