Hot, real hot. Damn hot

Parachina lies in South Australia some 1600km from Sydney. So with a 2 day drive ahead we set off. I have been before but not in the middle of summer – we were in for a pretty hectic adventure. There is a small outpost there which holds accomodation and a restaurant and bar – some shelter from the heat and flies at least. Very early in the am, still dark, we would head off for the station which is so huge you need a plane to fly from one end to the other. Not far in to the property, lies an old dried up clay pan which is dead flat. This gives you amazing horizontals and wide landscape vista which is great for epic car shoots – our chosen subject matter for this trip. However, by the time the sun started to peak up from the horizon it was 25 degrees, a short time later it escalated very quickly to 45-50 deg. I was stationed in Black Betty (my black van) ignition on and aircon fully pumping, multiple transmitters attached to the roof trying to receive and relay video signal to agency and director onset. Safe to say computer say no, and a short while later all the transmitters and receivers also shut down – all by 11am! Thank the lord I had a mini video recorder which somehow battled through the heat and saved the bacon.

Parachilna. Great place to visit..

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