A feast of colour and adventure with DoP Octavio Arias

Probably my pick of the year for wild colour palette and luscious looking images. DoP Octavio Arias and director Juan Poclava travelled from Spain to shoot this LG worldwide campaign for Pandora Films and HSAD Agency Korea.

The guys were great fun and we shared a lot of laughs. When Octavio said to me ‘Simon, I shoot the maximum you can give me’, I knew we were in for a heavy data load over a 6 day shoot. That proved true, and with the types of drives and storage amounts needed it was necessary for Mesh to come to the rescue and provide our super fast raids for hire to production to save on costs.

Mesh Digital has a great drive hire program that saves productions a huge amount on data costs and provides the necessary speeds to get through the big hauls no matter what the format. Once again we also supplied video assist services alongside DIT ensuring connection between all the departments.

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