Correcting the elements in a one shot music video

Directed by Zac Lynch-Woodlock & produced by Helium, this playful video was aimed to emulate joy on every mark, filled with dancing bears, BTS interactions, whacky bg characters and more. It’s chaotic and cathartic, shot in one take and overwhelmingly fun.

Unfortunately the weather didn’t play its part and whilst the minutes before shoot were blue sky wonder, it quickly descended to a flat, overcast day. When you have teams of background extras who have turned up for free, not to mention crew and camera equipment, there is no weather day.

Although it was supposed to be a sunny and vibrant looking image to emulate the beat of the track, previous attempts to make it look this way just wasn’t working. And really, unless you have the time and money for sky replacement, (which we considered) you can just be pushing sh** up hill.

Mesh Digital came on board to resuscitate the grade and bring it back down to a more centred and striking image. Working with what we had struck and equally powerful image that let the song and lyric take centre stage.

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