Mesh provides main unit video assist and DIT for this 16 week series with Melissa McCarthy

Early discussions in 2020 scaled up pretty quickly this year from a 2 camera to 4 camera shoot. MDI were able to scale accordingly while keeping budget considerations into the overall scale of planning. Early consultation with DP Judd Overton mapped out exactly what was going to be required, and Mesh was able to plug a few gaps across the production pipe line to make things go smoothly.

The project was set up and managed by Davide Carter then handed over to our Brisbane based operators. With Covid still well entrenched with film productions we installed a large scale network that allowed all crew to view camera feeds on their iOS devices, from the makeup and wardrobe teams out the back to the crew up front and centre, including our director who loved hanging off the back off an iPad pro.

Produced by Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, God’s Favorite Idiot is a workplace comedy about a mid-level Tech support employee Clark Thompson (Falcone) who finds love with co-worker Amily Luck (McCarthy) at exactly the same time he becomes the unwitting messenger of God.

The series will be filmed in New South Wales with the production expected to employ more than 300 talented Australian cast and crew, bring significant expenditure into regional areas and showcase the State’s beautiful Northern Rivers area.

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