Fred and Barney table top pros

Heading back to the Tasty Studios in Brisbane for a Dominos pizza shoot with the incredible director Ronald Koetzier. If you don’t know of Ronald he is a director/DoP food genius. He has these three suitcases packed with specialised food equipment he has built over the years, which he shuttles around the world from job to job. Take a look at his reels in the links below.

Tasty studios is home to two robot arms named Fred and Barney. Robot arms, once a rarity are making their way into film sets more and more, achieving incredible things otherwise unachievable. We still had 3 sets going with Arri Alexa and Phantom interchanging on table top sets, but the star of the show was definitely Feed, Barney And Ronald.

Mesh was welcomed into the fray, controlling video signal from all three sets with multiple cameras shooting at one time, sending picture to where ever it was needed. Since Mesh has been up in Queensland we are definitely making a welcomed contribution to the film making community. Happy days!

Ronald Koetzier

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