Streaming video in difficult locations requires different solutions

Australia is a vast and varied landscape. Even in metropolitan areas such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, it doesn’t take long before suddenly you are in a deep national forrest with undulating peaks and troughs, or an expansive landscape seemingly in the middle of nowhere; making getting a video stream out to clients, crew and remote viewers a challenging exercise.

Not to mention Australia really lags the rest of the world when it comes to quality broadband and cellular wifi coverage and speeds. While we revert in most circumstances where we can to Qtake HD amazing streaming module, it can be hampered by bad wifi areas and poor upload speeds.

MDI carries a multitude of devices, ploys and tricks to get out a stream. Like the time we shot for Jeep out in Broken Hill where there was zero cellular networks and the closest tower over 70km away. We were able to use a combination of hi range aerials and bond two or more modems together to get enough juice to safely get the stream out!

Similarly, we utilise Teradek Bond and VidiU which act as low bitrate encoders and bonding devices, enabling a stream to go out in dense areas, where Qtake, despite its superior user experience can be very heavy on upload speed requirements, and is only suited to Apple devices.

All in all, Mesh makes it our goal to get out a dedicated stream to all our clients what ever the circumstance. Call us anytime for more information and pricing information.

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