Mesh teams with Standard Issue for child poverty initiative

Top New Zealand knitwear brand, Standard Issue’ new initiative Jumper 4 Jumper, aims to address the stark realities of child poverty. SI are donating one jumper for every jumper brought to a charity organisation that distributes jumpers made by SI to those areas that are most in need. Its a great initiative and one MDI are stoked to be a part of.

Mesh were given a brief to develop a script and deliver engaging online content to promote this campaign. Combining our creative production and post teams in Sydney and Bangkok we set about developing a 15s animation piece that was heartfelt yet uplifting in a very short time frame. There is always more you want to add or do but in the end you have to work to the parameters you have. In short it turned out to be a very successful campaign and one we were proud to be associated with.

We teamed up with a NZ based illustrator Amy Jones who hand crafts beautiful embroidery art works under the name Cheese before Bedtime (see link below). Her elegant hand crafted approach really fitted the Standard Issue brand as well as having a child centric playful ethos, so we asked her to come on board and illustrate our stop motion animation boards. Amy worked tirelessly, drawing and then embroidering each and every piece we needed for the animation project. She really brought the whole campaign to life! Hope you enjoy the progression below.


Directed Simon Currie Post Barnaby Bretton animation MESHFX

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