Qtake Monitor and Qtake Cloud offer solutions to get production wheels turning again during Covid-19

Actually, streaming live video from set has been around for a good couple of years now, but with no real necessity or extra financial cost warranted, it has been left on the shelf for a bit as a gucci toy to pull out when you wanted to impress some work colleagues. Mesh has been exploring this tech ever since it was available, but very few productions would consider it, even though they were quite intrigued by the ideas it offered.

With Covid-19 putting the crush on film productions worldwide, all that has gone out the window. Streaming live video form set is now effectively spinning the wheels of the film industry again by crossing borders, reducing people onset, and bringing filming solutions to those heavily affected and shut down areas around the globe. It is a huge achievement and not one to be taken lightly, considering the impact the pandemic has had on other industries by effectively shutting them down. Of course this comes down to the great work Australia and New Zealand have done in reducing the virus in the community. With this tech it allows us the opportunity to provide solutions here in Australasia for the worldwide filming industry.

Qtake monitor is by far the best solution, offering a 2-4 camera live streaming app with crystal clear video and a range of nice interfacing features which leave clients very satisfied. Qtake monitor can be dowloaded and viewed on any Apple product (iPhone, iPad, laptop, or apple TV) Going one step further, Qtake server allows user control for playback of entire library and options to download media if an editor is in the mix! There is a huge benefit to productions with this tech, so it’s worth calling in for a chat. We are also offering free demos of Qtake monitor and have a basic user guide for taking users through the process which you can download below.

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