Feature film forges ahead entirely during the lockdown.

This project is a yet-to-be-titled reimagining of Stephen King’s short story Children Of The Corn, which has already spawned 10 feature movies prior to this one, and shot in Australia. It originally went into production in New South Wales at the beginning of March. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced productions to shutdown across the world (few of which have resumed yet), the producers say they consulted with local body Screen NSW, which was a major investor in the pic, and decided to progress.

Mesh Digital travelled up to regional NSW to isolate and bubble with the main unit crew, and head up a second unit 2 camera video assist and DIT/Data management team. Locations were extremely challenging, set in a muddy corn field and its a testament to everyone involved who punched through when the rest of the filming community had effectively ground to a halt and uncertainty was rife throughout.

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