Mesh supplies complete video, streaming, data and dailies solution for Bumblebee Tuna America

Four challenging scripts for US brand ‘Bumblebee Tuna’ shot over six days in Sydney, had our team busy running a multi faceted filmset that included a live stream, data and dailies solution back to the US and all the Video bits in between.

To do this we utilised our custom built ‘Combo machine’ a highly versatile and powered cart that runs Qtake HD Video Assist, Qtake Cloud Stream, yet also enabling us to do high speed data back ups and transcoding before wrap. From there we uploaded all dailies to the US post house over night with our uber fast fibre service and they were editing the next morning at 9.35am with a croissant and a cup of coffee.

In particular the live streaming proved to be challenging as some of the locations were so dense with vegetation and a lack of solid Wifi coverage meant we had to hoist our high gain antennas up on 3 stage lighting stands to clear vegetation horizons. This demanded pin point accuracy as well as long range antennas to enable us to get a LIVE video stream out of set to our clients scattered over the USA. A lot of the time we were quite away from set and we had to cable in deep, but we got there!


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